A Dog Named Zircon

Introducing Zircon, a well-named loyal service dog and valued companion to his hearing and vision impaired care-taker.  Zircon not only provides companionship, but improves the safety of his person by signaling potential danger when he hears or sees something that could be dangerous.  Obviously his eyes and ears are essential to both Zircon’s livelihood, and his person’s safety and well being.

Zircon came to us with a tumor on his eyelid, which was causing discomfort where he would rub and scratch at his eye.  If left without treatment, it could grow very large and interfere with his sight, and continue to cause discomfort.   Given the size of the tumor already, the surgery to remove the mass could cause deformation of the eyelid which would impair the lids ability to protect and moisturize the eye.  We wanted to ensure the best outcome for Zircon and his family, so we referred him to the Ophthalmology specialist Dr. Brian Skorobohach at the C.A.R.E. Centre for further consultation.

Dr.  Skorobohach recommended the best course of treatment for Zircon was to have the mass frozen off with liquid nitrogen (cryotherapy) requiring minimal anesthetic and preserving the proper structure of the eyelid.  We are very happy to share that Zircon’s cryotherapy on the mass went very well! Just as exciting, is that Dr.  Brian Skorobohach and his team made a very generous donation toward the cost of the surgery!