Echinococcus Multilocularis

Have you heard of this tapeworm in social media or the news lately? E. multilocularis has had a lot of recent media attention because it can cause severe disease in humans and can be carried by our loving canine companions. This has a lot of dog lovers asking important questions, so we are here to […]

Grain Free Diets & Heart Disease in Dogs

You may have heard in the news or social media lately that grain-free diets are causing heart disease in dogs. As a pet owner, this sounds very scary! Here we will discuss the facts about those reports and what you should be aware of as a pet owner. It is true that some commercial diets […]

Euthanasia Decision Making

Many people wonder how they will know when it’s time to give their dog or cat that one last act of kindness… to let them take that walk over the rainbow bridge.  The decision to humanely euthanize is never an easy conversation to have with your family.  Your pet has always been there for you, […]

Anesthesia Free Dental Procedures

Anesthesia-Free pet dental cleanings (also called non-professional dental scaling, or NPDS) refers to the practice of scaling the surface of the teeth in a fully awake pet. Some pet owners may find this practice appealing if they are afraid of putting their pet under anesthesia, or if they may have trouble affording a professional cleaning. […]

Marijuana Intoxication

With the impeding possibility of legalization of marijuana, it is ever more important to be extra vigilant as to what our pets are getting into these days. Something as small as an ill placed joint remnant can sometimes have serious consequences for your pets. Marijuana intoxication is no laughing matter and shouldn’t be taken lightly […]


The only thing worse than watching your poor cat vomit up a hairball, is having to deal with the mess afterwards! This is an unfortunate consequence for many cats of their diligent self grooming habits, especially for the  long-haired kitties. Cats have tongues that have backwards facing barbs, with hook-like features on the surface. Essentially, […]

The Dangers Of Ice Melt For Your Pet

Winter is an amazing season filled with beautiful snowy weather that you and your pet can both enjoy. Although there is nothing worse than taking your pet out for a walk and slipping on a very icy patch of the sidewalk. To prevent this problem many cities, businesses and individuals use ice melt to melt […]

Weight Control For Cats & Dogs

  Happy New Year!! Did you know, weight control (and management) is the number one thing a pet owner can do to increase the length of their pet’s life? In the spirit of New Year’s Resolutions, does your pet need to lose a bit of weight?  We can help you determine if this is the […]

A Dog Named Zircon

Introducing Zircon, a well-named loyal service dog and valued companion to his hearing and vision impaired care-taker.  Zircon not only provides companionship, but improves the safety of his person by signaling potential danger when he hears or sees something that could be dangerous.  Obviously his eyes and ears are essential to both Zircon’s livelihood, and […]

The Five Animal Freedoms

Animals, of all shapes and sizes have freedoms, just like you and me. These animal freedoms are recognized globally by organizations that are in place for the protection of animal welfare such as Humane Societies and SPCA’s.  To some these freedoms may not be common knowledge, so today we will discuss the five animal freedoms […]