RVT Month

So much effort and expertise underlies an animals hospitalization at a veterinary clinic. One of the most important members of the veterinary team, and perhaps one of the unintentionally best kept secrets of veterinary medicine is how knowledgeable and valuable our veterinary nurses or technologists are. They have a formal and legal credential adoption of Registered Veterinary Technologist (RVT), which describes the ability to implement a veterinarian’s prescribed treatment plan including the following:

• Administration and monitoring of anesthesia, including (but not limited to) placement of IV catheters, tracheal intubation, blood pressure monitoring and vital sign monitoring,
• Aseptic surgical preparation and management
• Calculation and administration of medications, including sophisticated techniques of constant rate infusions of medications through IV fluids
• ICU life support and advanced monitoring and record keeping
• Preparation of prescriptions with training in pharmacology and possible medication interactions or adverse events
• Laboratory testing and quality control
• Nutrition counseling
• Animal care and husbandry including animal behaviour

As you can see, RVTs are formally educated in countless areas within veterinary medicine and employed in areas such as, anesthesia, dentistry, lab animal research, industry sales; equine medicine, avian and exotic medicine; nutrition, radiology; production animal and shelter medicine to name a few. RVTs work alongside veterinarians across the country to provide animals with the highest quality of healthcare, so it’s time they get the recognition for their contribution that they deserve! Nationwide, our profession has devoted the entire month of October to celebrating and getting the word out about how important RVTs are to us, and to you the public!

THANK YOU ANGELICA DODD, R.V.T. AND JULIE GARRETT, R.V.T. for your incredible contribution to the well-being and health of our valued patients. Not only are you RVTs, but you are both exceptional at what you do. Without you, our team would be a shadow of what it is!

For more information about what it means to be an RVT, visit the AAAHT website at www.aaaht.com, and watch their YouTube video on this page: www.aaaht.com/education/